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Roasted Eggplant in Air Fryer

One of the easiest ways of roasting an eggplant is to use an air fryer.

There are only benefits to this method, except maybe one con. That is, the basket of an air fryer is smaller than a traditional oven, so you can only roast so many eggplants at once. But having around 1 kg or 2 pounds of eggplants, you can roast them in most air fryers. And even if you do it in two batches, I would say that you’ll finish faster than in a traditional oven.

Whole roasted eggplant is a key ingredient to making any kind of eggplant spread, like baba ganoush or eggplant mayo dip.

The Most Important Tip

Making roasted eggplant in an air fryer is extremely simple. There is only one thing you might want to pay attention to.

Because eggplants are prone to explode due to the extreme amount of steam developed during baking, it’s definitely recommended to poke your eggplants with a sharp knife or cut a few X’s in the skin before roasting.

Roasting eggplant in air fryer 1

Temperature and Cooking Time

Cooking time might vary based on your air fryer and the size of your eggplants. Start with 25 minutes at 390 F, you won’t overbake them during that time.

If your eggplants are not completely soft, put them back for another 5-10 minutes. Next time you’ll have an exact cooking time based on the power of you air fryer.

Roasted eggplant in air fryer

Roasted Eggplant in Air Fryer

Prep Time 1 minute
Cook Time 25 minutes
Total Time 26 minutes


  • Eggplants whole


  • First preheat your air fryer.
  • Poke the eggplants with a sharp knife or cut a few X's into the skin. Put the whole eggplants into the basket of the air fryer.
    Roasting eggplant in air fryer 1
  • Roast the eggplants for 25 minutes at 390 F.
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