French Toast in Air Fryer

French toast in airfryer

Making French toast in an air fryer is straightforward with ingredients you likely have on hand: bread, milk, butter, eggs, and a touch of sugar or vanilla sugar if you have it. It’s a quick, simple, budget-friendly, and incredibly satisfying breakfast, perfect for weekdays or as a special treat on a lazy Sunday morning, whether … Read more

Frozen Salmon in Air Fryer

Hot air fryer on a salmon plate

A quick, easy recipe for cooking frozen salmon in an air fryer, perfect for a healthy and delicious meal. Cooking time and temperature.

Savory French Toast in Airfryer

Savory French toast baked in an airfryer on a plate

A guide to making delicious savory French toast in an airfryer, ensuring it stays flavorful and moist. What is a savory French toast anyways?

Fried Hot Dogs in Airfryer

Baking sausages in an airfryer with ready-made sausages

How to fry delicious hot dogs or franks in air fryer. Cooking time, temperature and cooking tips to serve tasty dogs.