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Which Nespresso Capsule To Choose For A Latte

Is there anything better than a cup of latte with just the right amount of milk to balance the espresso bitterness? 30 million Americans all agree that a latte is the most popular coffee drink in the US.

And with Nespresso machines widely available in all shapes and sizes, you can make a latte at home with a push of a button. With 16 different capsules to choose from, you can fine-tune the latte to your taste.

But, so many options can be overwhelming. As a fellow latte enthusiast and a self-proclaimed latte connoisseur, I set upon finding the best Nespresso capsules for latte.

When doing my research, which included drinking copious amounts of latte, I’ve taken into consideration different kinds of roasts, various intensity levels, and flavored pods. 

I’ve compiled the ultimate list of the best five Nespresso capsules for a latte. You’re guaranteed to find something for your taste buds.

Five Best Nespresso Capsules for Latte: Comparison Table

Nespresso Capsule for LatteIntensity (out of 12)Roast LevelNumber of Capsules in a PackageOur RatingPrice
Inspirazione Italiana Palermo Kazaar12Dark roast405/5
Nespresso Cosi Mild Roast Espresso Coffee4Mild roast504/5
Nespresso Caramel Crème Brulée6Mild roast50 4/5
Nespresso Vanilla Eclair6Light Roast50 4/5
Nespresso Diavolito Pods11Dark roast50 4/5

Nespresso Capsule for Latte #1: Inspirazione Italiana Palermo Kazaar

If you like your latte to pack a caffeine punch, Kazaar is the best Nespresso capsule for your latte. It has an intensity level of 12 out of 12, which means you can’t get a higher dose of caffeine than this.

Kazaar is made with dark roasted coffee. Even though a latte contains a high amount of milk, the coffee won’t be overpowered by it. Instead, the coffee and milk blend together well, and you’ll get intense dark coffee flavors. This is the perfect option if you need that extra kick in the morning to get you going. 

Kazaar is made with a combination of Robusta beans from Brazil and Guatemala, and it resembles coffee that you can get in Turkey, and the Turks are well-known for their strong-tasting coffee. 

As for the flavor profile, Kazaar has a bold, rich, and fuller taste compared to other Nespresso capsules. You’ll get just a hint of cocoa with mild spiciness and a bitter aftertaste that resembles eating dark chocolate.

Overall, by mixing Kazaar capsules with milk to make a latte, you’ll get an intense drink with a slightly more robust flavor compared to a standard latte.


  • Bold flavor
  • The milk doesn’t overpower the coffee
  • Perfect for coffee drinkers who like intense effect


  • Too strong for people who don’t like too much caffeine

Nespresso Capsule for Latte #2: Nespresso Cosi Mild Roast Espresso Coffee

Here’s something different from Kazaar. Cosi Nespresso capsules for latte have a much more mild taste. Their intensity level is only 4 out of 12, so this is an excellent choice if you like your latte to taste more like milk and not pure coffee.

Nespresso Cosi capsules are mildly roasted, and they have a lightly toasted and fruity flavor that’s not too sweet. It resembles regular coffee, so if you don’t want your latte to taste too sweet, this is the one for you.

Cosi capsules are a blend of Arabica coffee from Costa Rica, which gives it cereal and lightly toasted notes, and coffee beans from Kenya, which brings out the fruit flavor. These capsules will have a light, smooth flavor, and they’ll make a creamy milky latte. 

A big plus is that the capsules are fully aluminum and fully recyclable. You can drink your coffee knowing you’re protecting the environment.


  • Perfect choice if you want a light and not very sweet latte
  • Tastes like regular coffee
  • Recyclable pods


  • Too mild for some coffee drinkers

Nespresso Capsule for Latte #3: Nespresso Caramel Crème Brulée

If you like your latte to be flavored, you’ll love Nespresso Caramel Creme Brule. You get 50 pods in a package. As the name says, these pods are flavored, so you’ll get a taste of crème brulée.

Because these capsules are medium roast coffee, they have the perfect amount of caffeine. The intensity level of 6 means they aren’t too weak but also not too powerful. Because they fall in the middle of the intensity scale, it makes them palatable for a huge number of latte drinkers.

The coffee is made from Brazilian beans lightly roasted, which makes the coffee smooth with hints of cereal. 

The crème brulée flavoring is noticeable just enough, and it’s a perfect coffee flavor for the holidays. You’ll get a taste of caramel, vanilla, and coconut notes, all combined together in a sweet crème brulée.


  • Sold in packs of 50, which makes them cost-effective
  • Subtle crème brulée flavor
  • Comes well-packed in a snug cardboard box, so the pods are in perfect condition


  • Too mild for drinkers who want a stronger caffeine kick
  • Only works with Nespresso OriginalLine machines

Nespresso Capsule for Latte #4: Nespresso Vanilla Eclair

Another excellent choice if you want some flavor in your latte is Vanilla Eclair. As the name says, the capsule has a strong vanilla flavor, with hints of malted cereal. This results in a smooth velvety coffee that excellently combines with milk.

The coffee intensity is 6, which makes it perfect when you want some intensity in your brew, but not a strong caffeine punch.

Vanilla Eclair’s aromatic profile is warming vanilla on a base of malted cereal. This is achieved by split roasting Brazilian coffee. Even though they are sweet, the capsules have only five calories per pod. They can also be used to make a homemade pumpkin spice latte because of the vanilla flavor.
Each capsule is dairy-free and doesn’t contain any gluten or allergens. Moreover, Nespresso capsules are Climate Pledge Friendly. This means they have a sustainability certification that guarantees the company’s commitment to preserving the natural world. There’s also a Rainforest Alliance seal, which says that coffee has been produced following sustainable farming methods that improve the livelihood of the farmers.


  • Smooth texture and silky mouthful resembling vanilla eclairs
  • Stored in aluminum pods to preserve freshness
  • Mild intensity


  • Some packages arrive crushed or damaged
  • Some coffee drinkers find the flavor artificial

Nespresso Capsule for Latte #5: Nespresso Pods for Iced Latte: Diavolito Pods

Nespresso Diavolito is great if you love sipping iced lattes. Iced lattes can be more difficult to make compared to the traditional ones, as they need a heavy dose of flavor. This is why a lot of capsules are overwhelmed with the combination of milk and melting ice. Luckily, that’s not the case with Diavolito. 

This capsule is at the end of the intensity spectrum, with an intensity level of 11. Moreover, it’s the highest caffeine Nespresso pod that the Vertuo line offers. This is dark coffee, so it has a strong flavor, which is a great counterpart to milk and ice. 

Diavolito is made from Robusta beans from Guatemala, which give it a smooth texture with Brazilian Arabica. This results in a high-intensity espresso which works well with the diluting created by ice and milk.

These capsules have an aroma of oak and leather, and they are extremely easy to use. Each capsule has a barcode that Vertuo machines read automatically, so they brew a perfect latte each time.


  • Makes a great iced latte
  • Perfect for fans of dark roast
  • Ha a barcode which the machine reads automatically to brew a perfect cup of latte


  • Only works with Nespresso VertuoLine machines
  • On the expensive side
Best Nespresso Capsules for Latte pin

Make a Velvety Smooth Latte With Nespresso Pods

No matter which of these Nespresso capsules for a latte you choose, you won’t make a mistake. Each Nespresso pod is packed in aluminum pods to preserve freshness, and it includes a carefully selected combination of coffee beans.

My vote for the winner of the best Nespresso capsules for latte competition goes to Kazaar. It has a high-intensity level, and it’s a perfect caffeine ally on days when you need a pick me up.

Because Kazaar has an intensity level of 12, the espresso shot won’t be overpowered by a large amount of milk in a latte. The coffee and milk blend perfectly and create a rich, full taste.

But, if you like something a little milder, check out Cosi mild roast. Or, step out of your comfort zone and make a flavored latte. With Nespresso capsules, the latte possibilities are endless.

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