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Best Portable Food Scale: Which One is the Right Model for You?

Do you want to make sure your food is portioned correctly? With a portable food scale, you can get accurate measurements on the go and ensure that you are getting the right portions of all of your favorite foods. The best portable food scale is something that every kitchen should have. 

The best food scales are accurate, reliable, and easy to use. They can be used for cooking or dieting, and they are versatile enough to be used in many different situations. You can take the portable ones to camp and trekking trips to cook the best outdoor barbeque.

There are several food scale models in the market today with a variety of features to choose from. Picking the best portable small food scale for your kitchen can be a difficult decision. With several models to choose from, it is important to know what you need in order to pick the best one! In this article, we’ll discuss the top 5 portable food scales and help you find the perfect model for your needs.

Overview of the Best Portable Food Scale

We compiled the five best portable food scales for you in order to help make your decision easier. These scales all have their pros and cons and different features that might be right for you! You’ll find a detailed review of each of these scales below this comparison table.

Best Portable Food ScaleBest Toaster Ovens for Baking in 2021TotalPrice
REM Digital Food ScaleWeighing your food on the go will be easy with this portable scale. It comes with the Tare feature that lets you subtract container weight and get accurate results every time.4/5
Nicewell Digital Food ScaleGet this water-resistant scale that is easy to use and clean. It has a sleek design and tempered glass for durability.5/5
Joseph Compact Folding TriScaleThis portable food scale has a compact folding feature that makes it easy to carry on trips. You can weigh up to 11 pounds using this scale. 5/5
Tomiba Mini Precision ScaleAlong with interactive button upgrades, this scale has piece counting, and tare functions for an even better experience when measuring quantities of ingredients quickly!4/5
Truweigh Mini Crimson Digital ScaleThis scale comes with a travel case to add to the safe portability.4/5

Portable Food Scale #1: REM Digital Food Scale

The REM Digital Food Scale will be your new best friend in the kitchen as well as camping. The TARE function lets you weigh the food without including the weight of its container. This tare function doubles as an on-off power switch for this device. You can use this handy, accurate, and fast machine to measure coffee or other foods with ease. The scale can weigh your food accurately after installing two AAA batteries that are included for free!

There is a 2-minute auto-off that saves battery life and money. The scale also has a timer that resets each time the display changes – plenty of time to add more stuff! It also has a nonslip bottom, so you can use it in any kitchen or surface without worrying about spills. 
If you want a different type of weight, simply switch it by pressing that button again, alternating between different units. With the impressive Salubre feature, the display will return back to the last selection automatically when turned on next time. Besides, the scale has a warranty on it that guarantees reliability so that this product will last long.

REM Digital Food Scale Pros

  • It comes with batteries. 
  • The scale has a tare button for convenience.
  • This scale comes with a one-year warranty.

REM Digital Food Scale Cons

  • It may not register smaller weights.

Portable Food Scale #2: Nicewell Digital Food Scale

The Nicewell digital food scale has four built-in high-precision load sensors and is accurate to 0.1 ounce / 1 gram increments (0.01oz to 2lb or 1g). With an ultra-sensitive touch switch, it is easy and convenient for you to access the measurements within a second without any hassle of making small adjustments. You may use the scale in different units, including g, kg, lb, oz, ml, and fl oz.

The large LCD can be viewed from close up even if there is not much light around, so everything will still look clear while reading. Talking about the design, this food scale has a tempered glass panel for strong bearing and durability. 

Its sleek water-resistant surface makes it easy to clean up any spills. Overall, this portable digital food scale is the perfect tool to make your cooking and baking more accurate.

Nicewell Digital Food Scale Pros

  • The material is water-resistant.
  • It has a sleek design. 
  • The display is bright and convenient to read.

Nicewell Digital Food Scale Cons

  • Some issues with the Tare button may arise. 

Portable Food Scale #3: Joseph Compact Folding TriScale 

Don’t stick to the same old thing when you can have a new, sleek design with this portable digital scale that folds down into compact size. Packing a lot of functionality into this little scale, it’s the perfect addition to any kitchen. 

Open with three arms for stability and close up when not in use! This scale will have no trouble fitting into any drawer or cabinet – even those tiny ones where most people just keep their spoons.

The easy-to-read LCD and touch-sensitive controls are perfect for reading your weight. This portable scale weighs in grams, pounds, ounces, or milliliters with a maximum capacity of 5 kg / 176.4 fl oz / 11 lbs / 5000 ml.

Joseph Compact Folding TriScale Pros

  • It has a foldable design. 
  • The LCD is easy to read. 
  • It is made of sturdy plastic material. 

Joseph Compact Folding TriScale Cons

  • You need to balance the bowl over the scale.

Portable Food Scale #4: Tomiba Mini Precision Scale

Pick the best portable food scale that is designed with accuracy in mind. With a weight range of 3000 g, the Tomiba Mini Precision Scale is perfect for weighing your food. This small and lightweight precision scale features an added display hold button which makes usage easier than ever before. The included key tone will also let you know when your measurements are accurate within 0.1 grams or even ounces.

For those who need more interactivity, the HOLD function has been upgraded so that users can keep their readings on-screen longer without having to press any buttons again. 

The precision touch control panel makes it easy to convert measurements between all sorts of units, and the stainless steel build is perfect for maintenance with its reinforced platform strength.

Tomiba Mini Precision Scale Pros

  • It has a quick measurement conversion feature. 
  • The scale had an overload and low battery indicators. 
  • It comes with a hold display function. 

Tomiba Mini Precision Scale Cons

  • The scale is not very sensitive to changes.

Portable Food Scale #5: Truweigh Mini Crimson Digital Scale

Whether you are looking to prepare your meal prep or want precision to lose weight, Truweigh has just what you’re looking for. This digital mini scale includes a collapsible silicone bowl and latching cover. It can be put into any freezer, microwave, or dishwasher without worrying about bending. This travel food scale is perfect for the traveling chef. 

When you’re away from home, this scale will help keep your cooking accurate and measurements precise. The device comes pre-calibrated, but we recommend purchasing one of the 100g calibration weights to ensure accuracy. This product comes with not only incredible versatility but also a protection of 10 years of warranty coverage. 

Overall, the Truweigh digital weight scale, besides being a true portable device, is not only the most versatile countertop tool but a handy little device that will meet all your needs, from weighing out specific herbs for cooking recipes or measuring ingredients when baking your favorite desserts! 

Truweigh Mini Crimson Digital Scale Pros

  • It comes with a collapsible multipurpose case. 
  • This collapsible case is freezer and dishwasher safe. 
  • The scale has built-in overload protection.

Truweigh Mini Crimson Digital Scale Cons

  • The scale is sensitive to blowing wind.

Wrapping Up

Which Scale is the Right Model for You

Now you know the best portable food scale options that will work for you. As there is a lot to choose from and it can be overwhelming, we hope this article helps in picking the right one. The mini food scales are portable; however, they come with a weighing limit. You may find models that weigh up to 11 pounds, this should be sufficient to meet most people’s needs.

In our opinion the Nicewell Digital Food Scale is the best portable food scale as it has a water-resistant body. Besides, it has a sleek tempered glass design and an easy-to-read digital display, and simple controls for adjusting weight measurements in either ounces or grams. The Tomiba Mini Precision Scale comes close to being the best with its foldable design.

With these portable food scales, there will be no more guessing about how much salt or sugar you need to put into your recipe. The best part is that it only takes seconds for the scale to give an accurate reading. No more waiting around with a timer counting down while you wait for your pasta sauce to boil over! Keep on reading to find more handy kitchen gadgets on our website.

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