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Top 5 Air Fryer Options for Vegans

The air fryer is one of the most popular home appliances around, but if you think this was designed for meat-eaters alone you’re wrong. The vegan community can enjoy everything an air fryer has to offer because it’s such a versatile machine. Tofu, vegetables, other plant-based ingredients – none of that is a problem when you have an air fryer to hand.

Of course, you will find that many of them still come with settings for meat products as there are no air fryers out there that are specifically for vegans. However, we have been able to find a fantastic selection that offers everything you need to cook your favorite plant-based dishes without worrying about them burning or sticking to the basket.

Ready to discover the best air fryer for vegans? Well, this is where you need to be, and I can’t wait to show you what we found.

Air Fryer for VegansPowerWeightCapacityControlsPresetsPrice
Antarctic Star Air Fryer1700W13lbs6qtTouch7
CHEFMAN Air Fryer1700W11lbs6qtTouch8
GoWISE USA GW22956 Air Fryer1700W17lbs7qtTouch8
Ultrean Air Fryer1400W15lbs4qtTouch
ULIT Air Fryer1750W15lbs6qtTouch11

Vegan Air Fryer #1: Antarctic Star Air Fryer

Simplicity is key, and this air fryer perfects that with a compact design that keeps everything close together while also ensuring a clear display and ease of use. The capacity is excellent as well, providing enough space for you to serve the average family very comfortably. Everything cooks quickly too, with none of your favorites going over that 30-minute mark.

The seven presets give you a whole host of cooking functions that let you liven things up a bit in your kitchen, and the non-stick basket is perfect for preventing tofu from getting stuck on the bottom. The smart display is easy to use, and there is practically no preheating time so that you can get to the good stuff. What could be better? Well, easy maintenance, and it has just that.


  • A fantastic capacity that can easily feed the average family 
  • Comes with seven presets to make cooking easier and more versatile 
  • Non-stick basket so that your veggies and plant-based alternatives don’t get stuck 
  • Smart display that is simple to use for quick cooking 
  • Easy to clean and maintain so that you have minimal hassle


  • The user manual can be a little tricky as it doesn’t always match the air fryer

Vegan Air Fryer #2: CHEFMAN Air Fryer

Providing you with a unique and modern design, prepare to take your food to the next level with this fantastic air fryer. While the eight presets do include settings for meat, there are plenty of ways to enjoy your favorite vegan and plant-based delights. The capacity is especially helpful as it means you have enough space to feed the average family with a little room to spare.

What really makes this model stand out is the fact that it comes with a range of accessories to spice things up. It has two airflow racks, rotisserie spit and forks, a rotating basket/retrieval tool, and a drip tray. This gives you so much more freedom with your cooking, and the fact that everything is removable for easy cleaning means that a lot of the hassle is taken away.


  • Incredible performance that is unlike any air fryer we have seen 
  • Versatile cooking choices that enhance the performance of the model 
  • Great capacity for the average family 
  • Capability to cook all of your favorites quickly and easily 
  • Comes with a fantastic range of accessories to make cooking easier 


  • The display can be a little dark

Vegan Air Fryer #3: GoWISE USA GW22956 Air Fryer

An absolute classic, this air fryer has eight different presets so that you can experience various cooking styles from the comfort of your home. Everything from air frying to roasting is possible, which means your vegetables and plant-based treats are in for a seriously good time (so are your taste buds). Not to mention the capacity can feed a large family with no issue at all.

The cookbook that comes with this model does have some great vegan choices in it, and it can help you to diversify your air frying cooking. Cleaning it is easy as anything, with everything being fully removable for your convenience. Furthermore, it has a vast temperature range that can be accessed from the digital display so that your food always comes out perfect.


  • Snazzy design with a bold digital display that has everything listed clearly 
  • Eight presets so that you can enjoy any kind of cooking you fancy 
  • The kind of capacity that can feed a large family and fit a small bird 
  • Snazzy recipe book that will help you learn more about using your air fryer 
  • Easy cleaning because who wants all that hassle after cooking?


  • The non-stick does start to wear away after a few months and needs to be maintained

Vegan Air Fryer #4: Ultrean Air Fryer

It might have a smaller and more compact design, but that doesn’t mean this little powerhouse can’t whip up a delicious vegan feast. It has four fantastic presets, including a baking function, so that you can try out more than just air frying your favorite snacks and meals. Not only that, but it retains a separate timer and temperature function for more precise air frying.

The capacity is smaller, but ideal for couples or households where there are maybe three people to share a meal. It even comes with a recipe booklet so that you have a good idea of where to start with your air frying adventure. Non-stick features make cooking vegetables and tofu much easier than normal, and cleaning it afterwards is a quick and simple task.


  • A simple model that is still able to offer a lot in terms of cooking 
  • A good capacity for smaller households and midnight feasts 
  • Separate temperature and timer controls to give you more freedom
  • Offers four basic presets so that you can mix things up a little in the kitchen
  • Comes with a small cookbook so that you have something to start with


  • The coating on the grill is not massively durable

Vegan Air Fryer #5: ULIT Air Fryer

Certainly one of the best models of air fryer we have seen, there are things this one offers that others just don’t. Our favorites are the bread function and the warming function – the latter of which will keep your food warm if you have leftovers and someone might want seconds. The square basket is also genius, giving you way more space to put your best vegan treats in.

The capacity is good, with enough room for the average family to enjoy a decent portion each. There are also 11 presets in total, which means you can do everything from roasting your vegetables to baking new and delicious vegan desserts. The preheat button ensures it’s hot and ready within a matter of seconds, and all it needs is a quick rinse after to keep it clean.


  • 11 presets, including a bread function so that you can practice baking 
  • The kind of capacity that caters to the average family nicely
  • A square basket so that you can make the most of the space 
  • Offers a warming function so that your food stays warm before serving 
  • Really easy to use despite the initially imposing digital display


  • No complaints about this model at the time of writing 

What to Look for

Presets. Being able to choose between different cooking styles and functions can be massively helpful. Having settings for classics like fries, but also things like broiling, roasting, or toasting food. Veganism has so much variety and so many different flavors that can be explored – the option of presets that allow for this experimentation is invaluable.

Capacity. This is important no matter what you are buying an air fryer for. You have to make sure you have enough space to feed everyone in your household. If there is only one or two of you, a 2qt air fryer is more than enough. If you have a large family, 6qt or 8qt is going to be more your speed. Take this into careful consideration before you make your choice.

Extra Features. The little extras are always nice to have, and a common one is a recipe book that you can download digitally. However, there aren’t any purely vegan digital cookbooks that come free with air fryers just yet. Other features to look out for are things like delayed starts so that you can marinate food, preheat functions, and the shake button so that you don’t have to.

Temperature Controls. Not every air fryer comes with the ability to adjust the temperature. While this isn’t necessarily a big deal because you have the timer function in every model, you do have to be careful with vegetables and plant-based foods because they are so easy to overcook. That’s why every model in this guide has separate temperature controls.


Are Air Fryers Good for Vegans? 

Absolutely, air fryers are a great choice for vegans. The brilliant thing about air fryers is that they are incredibly versatile and you can cook a whole host of vegetables and plant-based dishes in them without the increased risk to your health that comes with traditional methods of frying.

Does Tofu Work in an Air Fryer? 

Oh yes, tofu does work in an air fryer and the results are just oh-so-crispy. It usually takes less than 20 minutes to cook tofu (with a quick shake in the middle) and you’ll find there are countless ways for you to enjoy it in your air fryer. You can even try out some of the other features if you have a multi-functional model.

Does Air Frying Destroy Nutrients?

It’s true, air frying does destroy nutrients – but so do all forms of cooking. The good news is that air frying destroys far fewer nutrients than traditional frying, so you are going to be benefiting a lot more from this method of cooking. Not to mention you don’t lose that lovely crisp finish.

Can You Put Broccoli in an Air Fryer? 

You can put broccoli in an air fryer, you can put any vegetables you like in an air fryer. All of them will come out delicious, and without the need for excessive amounts of oil. If you have an air fryer with multiple functions, you can even use it for things like roasting potatoes (because who doesn’t love roast potatoes?).

Best Air Fryer for Vegans pin

To Conclude 

We know we really spoiled you for choice with this selection, but how could we resist when there are so many fantastic vegan air fryers out there? Our list compiles the best of the best, allowing you to experience all of your plant-based favorites from the comfort of your home and without excessive quantities of oil. But which stood out the most?

For me, the ULIT Air Fryer is the best air fryer for vegans. Aside from the fact that no one has a bad word to say about it, it also comes with numerous presets as well as some great additional features that just make cooking easier. It’s spacious, robust, and captures everything you’d expect from a top-quality air fryer, all for a fantastic price.

So, did you pick up a vegan air fryer, and which one did you end up going with? We’d love to hear how you got on with it, and also if you have any suggestions for other models that you think should be on this list. Join in the discussion, we’d love to hear from you.

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