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Best Air Fryer Options for A Single Person

As a single person, cooking for one can feel like a real chore as opposed to something fun and enjoyable. So many recipes are for two, four, or more that it can feel as though no one truly thinks about the single people that maybe don’t want leftovers or just want to be able to cook something small. Even with air fryers, this can be the case. 

The great thing about it being just you is that you don’t have to share those delicious fried treats with anyone (and I speak from experience). However, you do need to find an air fryer that is the right size for your needs. You don’t need one that serves 6-8 people, you just need something that has enough space to cook the food you love specially for you. 

Well, the good news for you is that everything you need is right here in this guide. We have the best air fryers for a single person listed below alongside all the key information you could want. 

Air Fryer for Single PersonPowerWeightCapacityControlsPresetsPrice
Cosmo Air Fryer
DASH Air Fryer
GoWISE Air Fryer

Air Fryer for Single Person #1: Cosmo Air Fryer

What do we love about this air fryer? It’s a simple dial model but it is still able to offer you separate timer and temperature controls so that you have more freedom when you are cooking. It also has a compact size that means it won’t take up masses of space when in the kitchen. It gives you all the simplicity of the classic dial air fryer but with some of that digital spice. 

It also offers more than one cooking function, allowing you to experiment with baking, roasting, and broiling to name but a few on top of the traditional air fryer. Furthermore, it has a non-stick tray that makes cooking, serving, and cleaning a much easier task for you. If you want a few starter recipes to get you going, you’ll find this model also has a handle digital cookbook too. 


  • The perfect capacity for one, or you and a friend 
  • Offers separate temperature and timer controls on a dial model 
  • Non-stick to make things easier when serving and cleaning 
  • Nice and compact to take up less space in the kitchen 
  • Offers a whole range of functions that make it more than just an air fryer 
  • Online recipes that help guide you through a versatile cooking process 


  • That new air fryer smell takes a while to dry run out before you can use it 

Air Fryer for Single Person #2: DASH Air Fryer

We love how much this air fryer has to offer, giving you complete freedom over both the temperature and the timer despite the fact that it is a classic dial model. On top of that, you have the benefit of a removable non-stick basket that allows you to pour the food out without worrying about any of it getting stuck. In turn, this really does make the cleaning side of things smoother. 

The basket has also been designed to have a better surface area, ensuring perfectly crisp results that are sure to leave you feeling very pleased. The automatic shutdown will also help to keep you safe, switching the air fryer off if it overheats or is left running. Compact and lightweight, it takes up minimal space in the kitchen while providing you with quite the feast. 


  • The perfect capacity for large single portions and some to share 
  • Gives you temperature controls as well as a timer for more freedom 
  • Automatic shut down for your safety to give you peace of mind 
  • A non-stick basket to make life easier and keep the cleaning minimal 
  • Has a very nice recipe guide that is sure to tantalise the tastebuds 


  • It does cook a little slower than some of the larger models of air fryer 

Air Fryer for Single Person #3: GoWISE Air Fryer

We really love how many great colour and size choices there are with this air fryer, but it’s also a really sleek digital model that has a lot to offer your kitchen. Compact and lightweight, you can rest assured that it won’t be taking up your whole counter while also being able to get a very nice serving for one (or more) out of the spacious basket. 

The basket is completely removable and non-stick, which means serving and cleaning are easy tasks for you to achieve. It also comes with five presets so that you can cook certain foods just the way you like them – chicken, fish, all of it. The snazzy digital display also offers separate temperature and timer controls so that cooking becomes much more versatile. 


  • A brilliant capacity for one or to share a little food (with upgrade options)
  • Offers you a nice range of presets so that you can explore cooking 
  • Smooth digital display with temperature and timer controls 
  • Removable non-stick basket that certainly makes life a lot easier for you 
  • Nice and compact to suit homes that have less counter space 


  •  The included cookbook has a lot of errors and isn’t the best out there

What to Look for

With this air fryer, you want something that caters to you as a single person, which means the capacity is pretty important. However, there are other features that are absolutely worth keeping an eye out for as they can be a bit of a game-changer. 

Removable Basket. You might think all air fryers come with a removable basket, but you would be wrong. There are many where you can pull the basket out but you will need to use tongs to remove the food. While this isn’t the end of the world, a removable basket does mean you can just tip the food out onto the plate and enjoy it faster, plus it’s easier to clean. 

Adjustable Temperature. This is something that you have to look for closely. All digital models come with adjustable temperature settings as well as a timer, but only some dial models offer this. The majority of dial models just have a timer and the temperature is set at 400F permanently. While this isn’t a massive issue, some people prefer to be able to manually adjust the temperature to perfect their cooking (me included). 

Presets. I love a good selection of presets, and they are invaluable when you are cooking – even if it’s just for you. They allow you to select cooking for specific meats or foods, which means you can worry less about timings, and they also give you the chance to try out things like broiling, roasting, and baking among others. 

Automatic Shutdown. You do need to be aware of safety features because they are an important aspect of owning any appliance. The automatic shutdown feature is available in some models of air fryers and means that the appliance will switch off automatically if it overheats or has been left on for too long – reducing the risk of damage as well as fire. 

Capacity. Since you are buying your air fryer for you and you alone, the capacity might not be a big deal – as long as it’s enough to serve you. However, the reason we tend to recommend an air fryer that has a 2 quart capacity instead of just one is because you end up with more space to cook chunkier food items like fish or give yourself a few extra chicken wings. 


What Air Fryer Size for One Person?

For one person, the size air fryer you need will only be 1-2 quarts. This gives you plenty of space for a large single serving and will give you the crispy results you’ve always wanted. Generally speaking, the size rule is that 1 quart per person is the perfect measurement. 

What’s the Smallest Air Fryer You Can Buy?

Generally, the smallest air fryer you can buy is 1 quart, which means it has a very small basket but should be enough to give one person an average-sized portion. On the other end of the scale, you will find that the largest air fryers can be as big as 16 quarts. 

Can I Reheat Leftovers from the Air Fryer?

Yes, you can reheat leftovers from your air fryer. While there are some who use the air fryer for reheating, we recommend that you reheat them in the microwave or the oven. It heats it up without causing it to overcook and will still taste delicious as they were previously fried. 

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To Conclude

Now that you have the list of perfect air fryers for every single person’s needs, you just have to wait for it to arrive so that you can unpack and get started with cooking. While every model here is one we love and would definitely use in our kitchens, there is definitely one that stands out above all the others. 

For me, it’s the GoWise. It has a digital display that offers you smooth temperature controls alongside the timer as well as a nice selection of presets so that you can switch up your cooking styles effortlessly. The basket is spacious, and it comes in a range of colours as well as sizes so that you can select the one that is perfect for you. 

We’d love to hear about how you get on with your air fryer. Make sure you let us know in the comments below. Want to check out some great new air fryer recipes or want to see what some of the larger models have to offer? Well, you’re in luck as we have guides just for that.  

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