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Best Air Fryer for Large Family

There is nothing quite like gathering the family for a meal. A fried dinner is the best kind of treat, and your air fryer is the perfect way to give them the delicious foods they love without the terrifying levels of fat found in standard fried food. However, when you have a large family to feed it often feels like there is never enough space in the air fryer for everyone. 

Instead of trying to cram enough portions into one tiny basket, we have just the solution for you. The whole family can enjoy perfectly crispy and delicious fried goods together without you worrying if everything is cooked through. All you need is an air fryer that has the capacity for a larger family, and you don’t need to worry about sifting through the results yourself. 

In this guide, we bring you the best air fryers for large families – giving you the chance to look through the cream of the crop and determine which one suits your household. 

Air Fryer for Large FamilyPowerWeightCapacityControlsPresetsPrice
PowerXL Air Fryer
Ultrean Air Fryer

Air Fryer for Large Family #1: PowerXL Air Fryer

A fantastic air fryer, we love the large capacity that this model provides so that you can enjoy a range of treats with your family. It can fit everything from piles of chicken tenders to a delicious 6” pizza and cook it with minimal oil for a healthier result. Plus, the basket is completely non-stick so that you don’t have to worry about peeling food off it. 

The selection of presets is fantastic for making cooking a lot easier. There are seven of them in total so that you can achieve everything from standard frying all the way to broiling, roasting, and even baking. The crisper tray means that all those crumbs and pieces of muck are caught so that they don’t spill everywhere, and you get the assistance of a free digital recipe book. 


  • Incredible capacity for large families to enjoy 
  • Can cook everything from fries and chicken to a classic 6” pizza 
  • Non-stick for quick cleanup afterwards 
  • Brilliant selection of presets to make life easier for you 
  • Handy crisper trays to catch all the crumbs and mess to make cleaning simple  
  • Online recipes that help you to make the most of your air fryer 


  • The basket can be a little stiff at first, making it tricky to remove 

Air Fryer for Large Family #2: Ultrean Air Fryer

What we really love about this air fryer is the fact that you can easily cook 15-20 chicken wings without issue. It really was made for large families and has the potential to serve nine, possibly even ten, people without struggle. It doesn’t matter if you want to cook a whole chicken or just a massive quantity of fries for everyone to share, this air fryer makes things simple. 
It has smart digital controls that are laid out in an easy manner, as well as seven presets that will allow you to choose the correct setting for the type of food you are cooking. Fries, meat, bread, even desserts are covered here. The non-stick basket makes serving and cooking much easier, and advanced airflow means that you can expect some serious crisp results.


  • Did someone say 15-20 chicken wings? This air fryer has it covered 
  • A nice selection of presets to make cooking an absolute breeze 
  • Automatic shut down for your safety to give you peace of mind 
  • A non-stick basket and advanced airflow for the crispiest results 
  • One of the biggest capacities we’ve seen, could serve nine people (maybe ten)


  • It can be a little loud, especially when letting you know the food is done 

Air Fryer for Large Family #3: CHEFMAN Air Fryer

This brilliant air fryer is one that we love because of its versatile cooking features as well as its capacity that is large enough to cook a whole chicken without breaking a sweat. There are only four presets, but these cover all of your basic needs so that you get the delicious and crispy results you want without having to panic over odd timings and temperatures. 

It has the handy addition of an LED shaker reminder that will let you know when to shake the basket during cooking – meaning you will always have a fantastically even coating of seasoning. Easy cleaning means that there is minimal hassle when it’s time to do the washing up, and a non-stick coating on the basket adds to this as well as makes serving a smooth process. 


  • Has a massive capacity that can easily accommodate the modern family
  • Good selection of basic presets that get the job done 
  • Easy cleaning that ensures you have minimum hassle at all times 
  • LED shake reminder so that you always have a perfectly even coating 
  • Easy to use and provides you with versatile cooking options 


  • The basket can be a little loose on removal so be cautious and consider tongs 

What to Look for

In this case, you’re buying an air fryer specifically to serve a large family. In addition to the more obvious traits you should be keeping an eye out for, there are some handy extras that might make your air frying experience a better one. 

Removable Basket. While most air fryers come with a removable basket, it is important to check first as there are some models that have a drawer mechanism instead. This can be pretty fiddly to try and remove, and sometimes it doesn’t come out at all. A basket is a much better option because it gives you the flexibility to just pour the contents out effortlessly. 

Adjustable Temperature. Yes, air fryers come with a timer mechanism, but not all of them have the ability for you to manually adjust the temperature. While it’s not an essential feature, it does allow for more accurate cooking and a little more experimentation if you have the option to change the temperature settings. This also means there is a smaller margin for error and you can cook your food just the way you like it. 

Presets. These are an absolute lifesaver because they allow for one-touch cooking for some of your favourite dishes. Fries, broiling, roasting, all the settings that you love and more at the press of a button. It takes some of the hard work out for you and opens you up to more versatile cooking methods. 

Automatic Shutdown. Safety is paramount and one of the most important things when you are working in the kitchen. An automatic shutdown means that it won’t be left running empty and if it overheats it will switch off immediately. This massively reduces the risk of fire as well as damage to your appliance and is a fantastic feature. 

Large Capacity. This is probably the most important aspect considering you are buying an air fryer that needs to be able to feed a large number of people. Anything that feeds between six and eight people is considered large, and this gives you plenty of space to cook up a storm that will leave the whole table applauding your efforts and skill. 


What Size Air Fryer Do I Need for a Family of Seven?

For a family of seven, you will want an air fryer that has a capacity of 8 quarts. Generally speaking, you can measure it as one quart per person, and this tends to be a fairly accurate method to use. Therefore, a family of 6 will need 6-7 quarts and a family of 8 will need 8 quarts. 

What is the Largest Size Air Fryer?

Typically, the largest size air fryer you will find on the market is 8 quarts, and sometimes you may find one that is 8.5 quarts. However, there are industrial models that go as large as 12-16 quarts for exceptionally large servings. These models are not commonly found on the market. 

What Size Air Fryer Do I Need for a Whole Chicken?

For a whole chicken, the size air fryer you need is anything that is six quarts or over. This can depend on the size of the chicken, but 6-8 quarts tends to be a perfect size to get a good, even, cooking result. This should be more than enough to feed a large family as well. 

Why Do I Need a Large Air Fryer for a Large Family? 

You need a large air fryer for a large family to ensure that all the food is cooked evenly. If it is too crowded or stacked, you could end up with undercooked meat or fries as well as parts of the breaded coating on your food becoming soggy. A large air fryer gives plenty of space for everything to be cooked evenly.

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To Conclude 

Now you have the perfect selection of air fryers to treat your family to an incredible meal that they can enjoy together. As soon as it arrives, why not call everyone down and have the catch-up you all want and need? Now, every model here is excellent but one really stands out as the best overall. 

The Ultrean has the largest capacity, which makes it the best-suited model for large families. An 8.5-quart capacity means that it can easily serve up to eight people – making those family nights ones that won’t be forgotten. Of course, there are also fantastic additional features that make cooking easier, including a range of presets and a basket that won’t make everything stick. 

We’d love to hear about how you get on with your air fryer. Make sure you let us know in the comments below, and if you want to check out any of our other air fryer guides you can find a full list of them here. Have fun, and we can’t wait to hear how it goes. 

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